Standard 3: data monitoring committees

Proceedings of the University of Pennsylvania annual conference on statistical issues in clinical trials: statistical issues in comparative effectiveness research

Proceedings of the University of Pennsylvania annual conference on statistical issues in clinical trials: emerging statistical issues in the conduct and monitoring of clinical trials

Management of daytime urinary incontinence and lower urinary tract symptoms in children

Ambulatory urodynamic studies (UDS) in children using a Bluetooth-enabled device

Drugs for nocturnal enuresis in children (other than desmopressin and tricyclics)

Medical management of nocturnal enuresis

Long-term efficacy following readministration of an adeno-associated virus vector in dogs with glycogen storage disease type Ia

Impact of nationwide centralization of pancreaticoduodenectomy on hospital mortality

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of medication in asphyxiated newborns during controlled hypothermia. The PharmaCool multicenter study

Multilocus sequence analysis of the actinobacterial genus Kribbella

Health, wealth and ways of life: what can we learn from the Swedish, US and UK experience? Overview

Costs for 'hospital at home' patients were 19 percent lower, with equal or better outcomes compared to similar inpatients

Repeat prenatal corticosteroid prior to preterm birth: a systematic review and individual participant data meta-analysis for the PRECISE study group (prenatal repeat corticosteroid international IPD study group: assessing the effects using the best level of evidence) - study protocol

Empirical evaluation of age groups and age-subgroup analyses in pediatric randomized trials and pediatric meta-analyses

Claims for improved survival from systemic corticosteroids in diverse conditions: an umbrella review

Two methods provide similar signals for the need to update systematic reviews

Out of sight but not out of mind: how to search for unpublished clinical trial evidence

Supervisory needs of research doctoral students in a university teaching hospital setting

Standard 1: consent and recruitment


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