StaR Child Health’s funders


StaR Child Health’s funding model reflects the international and dispersed nature of the organization. While StaR has no core income, our Standard Development Groups (SDGs) members are supported by national governments, universities, hospitals, private foundations, and personal donations. StaR does not accept funding from commercial organisations such as pharmaceutical companies. This is to ensure that the products StaR prepares are not influenced by commercial interests. StaR’s Coordinating Centre currently has a donation from a private foundation to support a part-time coordinator until 2020. This funding has not been used to fund salaries of StaR contributors, but to organize international meetings in which StaR work has been featured.


StaR Child Health wishes to thank the following for their support:


  • Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)

  • Great Ormond Street Hospital (UK)

  • Instituto de Medicina Molecular (Portugal)

  • Leiden University Medical Center (Netherlands)

  • Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba (Canada)

  • NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre (Australia)

  • The Hospital for Sick Children (Canada)

  • Stanford University School of Medicine (USA)

  • University of Alberta (Canada)

  • University of Liverpool (UK)

  • University of Melbourne (Australia)

  • University of Oxford (UK)

  • Children’s Hospital at Westmead (UK)



StaR Child Health is an international collaboration that seeks to enhance the quality, ethics, and relevance of clinical research in child health by promoting the use of evidence-based standards and guidance for the design, conduct and reporting of clinical trials with children



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