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Wed., Nov. 10 I  Webinar

November 2021 StaR Forum - Anna Lene Seidler, PhD &
Kylie Hunter

Evidence synthesis methods in childhood obesity prevention

Thu., Oct. 14 I  Webinar

Oct 2021 StaR Forum - Peter J Gill, MD, DPhil, MSc, FRCPC & Sanjay Mahant, MD, MSc, FRCPC 

Advancing the evidence-base for paediatric hospital care through the Canadian Paediatric Inpatient Research Network

Wed., Sept 1 I  Webinar

September 2021 StaR Forum - Anna Heath, MMath, PhD

Innovations in Statistics to Design and Prioritise Clinical Trials 

Thu., Jul. 22 I  Webinar

July 2021 StaR Forum - Terry Klassen, MD, MSc, FRCPC

PERN: A case study in developing an international community for performing large RCTs and implementation science

Thu., May 13  I  Webinar

May 2021 StaR Forum - James Webbe, MB, BChir and Chris Gale, MBBS, MSc, PhD

Core Outcome Sets (COS) and Child Health Trials: why, what, how, and does it work?

Thu., Apr. 8 I  Webinar

April 2021 StaR Forum - Jennifer Preston

Involving children and young people in the design and delivery of paediatric clinical research

Thu., Feb. 04  I  Webinar

February 2021 StaR Forum - Bartosz Helfer, PhD

How are clinical trials of infant formula products conducted and reported? A meta-research evaluation

Wed., Jan. 13  I  Webinar

January 2021 StaR Forum - Alex Aregbesola, MD, PhD

P-value and Bayesian analysis in randomized-controlled trials in child health research published over ten years, 2007 to 2017

Wed., Dec. 09  I  Webinar

December 2020 StaR Forum - Janneke van 't Hooft, MD, PhD

How can clinical research increase its usefulness to inform clinical practice: assessment of 350 randomised controlled trials in preterm birth research

Wed., Nov. 04  I  Webinar

November 2020 StaR Forum - Nancy Butcher, PhD

Methods update: Optimizing the selection, measurement, and reporting of outcomes in child health research

Thu., Oct. 01  I  Webinar

October 2020 StaR Forum - Despina Contopoulos, MD

Large Pediatric RCTs: An insight on the research agenda of the large pediatric randomized trials perusing the registry

Wed., Sep. 09  I  Webinar

September 2020 StaR Forum - Perrine Janiaud, PhD

Extrapolation of clinical data from adults to children: an overview