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A monthly webinar series featuring the latest developments in child health research and setting the agenda for the next 10 years of useful, efficient, translational, and impactful child health research. 

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No webinar scheduled for March 2021

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Webinar themes will cover:


Questions relevant to users  of research

  • High priority questions addressed 

  • Important outcomes addressed 

  • Clinicians and patients involved in setting research agenda 


Accessible full research reports 

  • Appropriate study registration 

  • Studies published in full 

  • Reporting of studies with disappointing results 

  • Open access publication 


Appropriate research design, conduct and analysis 

  • Studies designed with reference to systematic reviews of existing evidence 

  • Adequate steps taken to reduce selection bias, information bias and confounding 

  • Optimal, feasible and adaptive study designs  


Unbiased and usable research reports 

  • Study interventions and outcomes sufficiently described 

  • All planned study outcomes reported 

  • New research interpreted in the context of systematic assessment of relevant evidence 


Efficient research oversight and regulation 

  • Appropriate oversight of research 

  • Appropriate regulatory measures 

  • Appropriate use of Data Safety & Monitoring Committees 

  • Good re-use of data 

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StaR Child Health is an international collaboration that seeks to enhance the quality, ethics, and relevance of clinical research in child health by promoting the use of evidence-based standards and guidance for the design, conduct and reporting of clinical trials with children



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