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StaR Child Health Summit
Essential Evidence for Sick Children: Better Science, Informed Decisions, Healthier Children

This international gathering of child health research stakeholders will

  1. Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Cochrane Child Health Field

  2. Acknowledge StaR’s coming of age after 10 years of improvement in child health research methods (approximately 150 methodological papers) and 4 previous StaR Child Health summits (Amsterdam, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Quebec City)

  3. Showcase child health Research HOT TOPICS related to enhanced pediatric research syntheses, pediatric clinical trials, and clinical practice guidelines


The Summit will be one and a half days of interactive plenary sessions and scientific debates focusing on practical approaches and solutions to the top 10 challenges in child health research for the next decade, with over 100 international child health researchers, health care providers, policy makers, consumers, and journal editors joining us.


The Summit will be convened by the StaR Child Health executive team (Martin Offringa, Lisa Askie, Terry Klassen), in collaboration with Cochrane Child Health (Sarah Elliott, Ricardo Fernandes, Denise Thomson, Lisa Hartling) and the Cochrane Children and Families Network (Robert Boyle).

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